The new language of Scrum

Words matter! Check out the latest addition of to freshen up your coaching language. Why? Because as coaches, trainers, evangelists and enthusiasts of Scrum, it’s up to us promote crisp Scrum practices and precise language. And “because Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland developed the framework, the Scrum Guide is written by them, and they stand behind it.” []

  • It’s not a ‘standup’ –> it’s a ‘Daily Scrum.’ Standup is actually a term from XP, it’s not part of the Scrum framework. Like writing User Stories, it’s a common practice because it helps us keep those daily Scrums short and to the point.
  • It’s not a ‘ceremony’ or a ‘meeting’ –> it’s an ‘event’ and we want our Scrum Teams to honor them.
  • Forgo ‘commitment’ –> emphasize ‘forecast.’ Check out this great article about why the word ‘forecast’ fits our world of collaboration and change better than ‘commitment.’
  • ‘Done-Done’ is done –> ‘Done’ will do it!
  • ‘Grooming’ has a very different and very negative connotation in some countries than it does in the United States –> the Scrum Guide supports using the word ‘refinement.’
  • ‘Prioritize’ has given way to –>  ‘Order.’ A Product Owner must make decisions to order the backlog. James Coplien’s article delves into this topic further.
  • ‘User Story’ is not in the Scrum Guide –> Call anything in a backlog a Product Backlog Item (PBI.) Like refining, it’s a generally accepted Scrum practice to write PBIs in the form of a user story, but it’s not an official part of the framework.
  • Define ‘Team’ –> clarify if you mean it’s the ‘Scrum Team’ or the ‘Development Team’ and help your business owners know the difference. The Development Team owns the Sprint!
  • ‘QAs, BAs’ –> they are all included as ‘Developers’ The Scrum framework makes no differentiation between specialized roles on a Scrum team.

~Julee Bellomo

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