5 tips for new Agilists


Hey! Does your agile coach’s job look like fun? It is! I believe it’s the best career possible in the market today – and the need is growing. Every time I am at an agile event, people reach out to me telling me they want to get into coaching, or evolve into an agile career. When they ask for advice, these are some of the things I’ve learned along the way. Please add your tips.

1. Play! Get hands-on. Exercise all sides of your brain and get your teams involved, too!Experiment with the plethora of #retrospective activities, #designthinking exercises, and mapping techniques available everywhere – online, in books, videos, webcasts, podcasts… sources abound! Stop wondering ‘if this exercise is going to work.” It is. Have fun with it – and don’t take yourself too seriously. Every day is a chance to try something new.

2. Read. Read everything that interests you. Don’t wait until that vacation or that weekend where you imagine you will stop and read all those things you bookmarked. Find time every day to immerse yourself in the power of the written word. Learn from others, be inspired, and then go further. Read the works of those you disagree with, open your mind, consider their viewpoint. Educate yourself on industry trends. And then – read for fun.

3. Write. Keep a journal of your wins, funs, and fails. Apply some introspection and self-awareness to your journal… Am I listening to everyone in the room? Did I get too full of myself today? Did I speak up when I should have? Did I shut up when I should have?

4. Find your tribe.  We are very fortunate with the growth and expansion of our craft. So much so, that there is no excuse not to network, somehow, with other agilists. You might not have the budget for travel to the big conferences, but I personally, cannot, in good faith, recommend anyone who is not active in their local Meetup or user group in some way. These events are typically free, easy to access, and frequent…. Plus, I have an expectation that people will not just come and take, but give back to their community. The best way to learn is to teach, so take a risk and get in front of the audience. I am always inspired by those who can get up in front of an audience and explore and share a topic or an exercise they are learning about. You don’t have to be an expert… you have something to share.

5. Be impeccable in your word. Your reputation will proceed you, and it’s only a click away from everyone in the world.

I promised 5, but here is one for the bonus round: If you are just starting out, be easy on yourself. There is a lot to learn – and the worst mistake you can make is thinking you need to know it all right away.

There’s a lot more… but I wanted to leave room for others to chime in. Please add your thoughts below!

Julee Everett

Hone your craft, speak your truth, give thanks 

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